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Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Level 4

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Level 4

The Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management course must be successfully completed in order to qualify for the Certified Supply Chain Management Consultant (CSMC) designation. 

Course Overview

This extensive online course provides an intensive and insightful introduction to one of the most critically important aspects of managing and facilitating the efficient performance of any given business. With thirteen detailed units, candidates are introduced to the concept of logistics and supply chain management, along with the role of the professional logistics manager and their importance to overall business operations.

In order to obtain CSCMC designation:
Course Topics

Diploma in Public Relations consists of 13 key topics:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics in Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Strategy & Operations
  • Planning & Sourcing Operations
  • Procurement Operations
  • Manufacturing & Delivery Operations
  • Market Distribution in the Supply Chain
  • Inventory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Warehousing & Material Handling
  • Using Information Technology in Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Systems Design
  • Supply Chain Performance Measurement