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Business Analysis QLS Level 4

Business Analyst - Level 4

Level 4 | Online Learning | Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme

Course Overview

Study from home at a time and pace to earn the business analytics certification online. This excellent diploma provides a detailed introduction to one of the world’s most relevant and respected business disciplines.

Why Study Business Analysis?

The primary objective of business analysis is the systematic and continuous improvement of processes and activities across the entire organisation. Business analysis concerns the use of business intelligence and other types of data to identify areas for improvement and opportunities

Course Topics

Business Analysis Diploma consists of 9 detailed modules:

  • Internal and External Environment Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement
  • The Vision Phase
  • The Design Phase
  • The Modelling Phase
  • The Execution Phase
  • The Monitoring Phase
  • The Optimising Phase
  • Process Improvement with Gap Analysis