Certified Membership - CertBC

The Diploma in Business Administration course must be successfully completed in order to qualify for the Certified Business Consultant (CertBC) designation.




  • Take online course Diploma in Business Administration from our content provider Brentwood Open Learning College at www.bolc.co.uk.
  • If you have three years' work experience and obtained the Diploma in Business Administration you can apply for the CertBC designation by requesting a certification package from us at info@theicbc.org.
  • Completed application will be considered by the Certification Board and on approval designation certificate will be issued on the payment of appropriate fee.


Designatory Letters


Use of the membership designatory letters – CertBC. These designatory letters may only be used by members whose membership is in good standing.



Complete your Application


Download and complete the application form. Once completed the application form can be returned to our administrative office by email, FAX or mail, whichever is the most convenient for you. Please remember enclose details of your professional and educational qualifications.

Membership Fees


The fee for membership is USD480.00.

This payment consists of certification fee (onetime payment) of USD410.00 plus annual dues of USD70.00. 


See Fee Structure